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Customer Job Type Start Finish Sr Painter Estimator
Baugh, Dennis Interior Wed 05/31/23 Thu 06/01/23 Esmeralda Lainez Victor Tirondola
Brammer, Deborah Exterior Mon 08/07/23 Fri 08/11/23 Ismael Cruz Victor Tirondola
Coster, Mr. David Exterior Wed 06/07/23 Wed 06/07/23 Esmeralda Lainez Victor Tirondola
Cummings, Mr. Dave Exterior Fri 05/26/23 Fri 06/02/23 Alfredo Ortiz Victor Tirondola
Cummings, Mr. Dave Exterior Mon 06/05/23 Fri 06/09/23 Alfredo Ortiz Victor Tirondola
Doane, Mrs. Hollye Exterior Tue 06/13/23 Thu 06/15/23 Francisco Gonzalez Victor Tirondola
Dunlap, Chip Exterior Wed 05/24/23 Thu 05/25/23 Alfredo Ortiz Victor Tirondola
Egan, Kathryn Interior Tue 05/30/23 Tue 05/30/23 Esmeralda Lainez Victor Tirondola
Kiel, Andrew Exterior Sat 06/10/23 Sat 06/10/23 Ismael Cruz Victor Tirondola
Manolatos, Mr. Jerry Interior Thu 06/08/23 Fri 06/09/23 Esmeralda Lainez Victor Tirondola
McIntyre, Mr. Thomas Exterior Mon 06/12/23 Fri 06/23/23 Alfredo Ortiz Victor Tirondola
Merchant, Kevin Exterior Tue 05/30/23 Mon 06/05/23 Francisco Gonzalez Victor Tirondola
Miller, Mr. Peter Exterior Mon 08/07/23 Mon 08/14/23 Fredi Luna Victor Tirondola
Miott, Mr. Rory Carpentry Fri 06/09/23 Fri 06/09/23 Fredi Luna Victor Tirondola
Monahan, Mr. Peter Interior Thu 06/08/23 Thu 06/08/23 Fredi Luna Victor Tirondola
Payton, Tyrone Interior Tue 06/06/23 Mon 06/12/23 Ismael Cruz Victor Tirondola
Rodkey, Mrs. Meredith Interior Mon 06/05/23 Tue 06/06/23 Esmeralda Lainez Victor Tirondola
Simcoe, Thomas Interior Tue 06/06/23 Wed 06/07/23 Francisco Gonzalez Victor Tirondola
Travis, Tyler Carpentry Wed 06/07/23 Wed 06/07/23 Fredi Luna Victor Tirondola
Urrutia, Mr. Mario Exterior Thu 06/08/23 Thu 06/08/23 Francisco Gonzalez Victor Tirondola
Urrutia, Mr. Mario Carpentry Fri 06/09/23 Fri 06/09/23 Francisco Gonzalez Victor Tirondola
Venzke, Mr. Ben Carpentry Fri 06/02/23 Fri 06/02/23 Ismael Cruz Victor Tirondola
Venzke, Mr. Ben Interior Fri 06/02/23 Mon 06/05/23 Ismael Cruz Victor Tirondola

Manor Works updates the schedule either daily or when dates have changed. If you have previously viewed this page click refresh on your browser to view the most current schedule. Please remember these start dates are TENTATIVE. With the unpredictability of weather, commencement of the work may be delayed.

Your Crew Leader will call the night before to confirm his arrival time (typically around 8:00 AM). If you have any questions please call our office at 703-339-6800. Manor Works is open from 9 AM to 5 PM Monday through Friday.