Our Team

Manor Works Painting is proud to hire full-time, year-round painting professionals, and carpenters. This guarantees consistency, quality, and unprecedented client satisfaction.

Employee Training
Manor Works Painting invests in our greatest asset – our Employees!
Unlike the average contractor that simply hires and trains on the job, Manor Works invests time and resources – performing ongoing training for its employees.

Training covers topics like quality, safety, and most importantly, customer service. When a customer hires Manor Works, they can expect to get the highest quality paint job. That quality comes down to an ongoing commitment to training.

The Team

  • Susanne – Office manager/ Customer Relations

    When you call Manor Works, Susanne is the one who greets you on the phone with a cheerful voice and virtual smile. She kindly answers your questions and schedules your estimates and painting projects. She is a great resource for our customers and is the glue at Manor Works. We are so thankful for her hard work and dedication to all things Manor Works.

    When Susanne is not working, she loves spending time with her son, grand children and her amazing Frenchie sidekicks. She also enjoys being out on the farm and going for walks.

  • Victor, CEO/Estimator

    Victor loves meeting with customers and helping people plan and execute their painting jobs and carpentry work. Victor is extremely detailed and always delivers the estimate quickly to save valuable time for his clients. Victor is a man of integrity and loves working hard for his team and his family.

    When not at work, Victor cherishes the time he spends with his kids and this is why he feels so strongly about providing a service to customers to allow them to optimize their time with their own families.

  • Lucia COO, Networking/Community Outreach

    Lucia loves to meet new people and network to create mutually valuable partnerships. She is excellent at building relationships in the community and helping her connections expand their own businesses. She is a Loudoun Chamber Ambassador and works with several networking groups throughout Northern Virginia. Lucia also works hard within the company to make sure everyone is doing well.

    Outside of work, Lucia loves spending time with her family and caring for the animals on the farm.

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