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Manor Works updates the schedule either daily or when dates have changed. If you have previously viewed this page click refresh on your browser to view the most current schedule. Please remember these start dates are TENTATIVE. With the unpredictability of weather, commencement of the work may be delayed.

Your Crew Leader will call the night before to confirm his arrival time (typically around 8:00 AM). If you have any questions please call our office at 703-382-3746. Manor Works is open from 8 AM to 8 PM Monday through Friday.

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Bailey, Mr. George Exterior Thu 04/26/18 Mon 04/30/18 Francisco Gonzalez Victor Tirondola
Berte, Mrs. Rebecca Interior Thu 05/03/18 Thu 05/03/18 Neri Garcia Victor Tirondola
Carrier, Mrs. Robin Interior Tue 04/24/18 Tue 04/24/18 Neri Garcia Victor Tirondola
Cooper, Mr. Steve Exterior Wed 04/25/18 Mon 04/30/18 Ismael Cruz Victor Tirondola
DeLaine, Mr. Clarence Interior Mon 04/16/18 Thu 04/19/18 Neri Garcia Victor Tirondola
DiCarlo, Mr. Dave Exterior Mon 05/14/18 Mon 05/14/18 Fredy Martinez Victor Tirondola
Esquivel, Mr. Edward Exterior Tue 04/17/18 Wed 04/25/18 Francisco Gonzalez Victor Tirondola
Fleming, Mr. Robert Exterior Fri 04/27/18 Fri 04/27/18 Alfredo Ortiz Victor Tirondola
Fleming, Mr. Robert Interior Mon 04/30/18 Fri 05/04/18 Alfredo Ortiz Victor Tirondola
Genser, Mrs. Maureen Exterior Thu 04/26/18 Thu 04/26/18 Neri Garcia Victor Tirondola
Gowland, Ms. Patricia Interior Mon 05/21/18 Mon 05/21/18 Francisco Gonzalez Victor Tirondola
Harders, Mr. Patrick Exterior Wed 06/14/17 Fri 06/23/17 Antonio Rivera Victor Tirondola
Hoyer, Mrs. Diane Exterior Fri 04/20/18 Fri 04/20/18 Neri Garcia Victor Tirondola
Jones, Mr. B Interior Wed 04/25/18 Wed 04/25/18 Neri Garcia Victor Tirondola
Labuskes, Ms. Barbara Exterior Mon 04/23/18 Mon 04/23/18 Neri Garcia Victor Tirondola
Larocca, Mrs. Candace Exterior Tue 04/24/18 Thu 04/26/18 Alfredo Ortiz Victor Tirondola
Lieser, Mrs. Rebecca Exterior Thu 04/19/18 Fri 04/20/18 Alfredo Ortiz Victor Tirondola
Lieser, Mrs. Rebecca Carpentry Mon 04/23/18 Mon 04/23/18 Alfredo Ortiz Victor Tirondola
Lin, Mrs. Rosa Carpentry Wed 04/11/18 Wed 04/11/18 Fredy Martinez Victor Tirondola
Lin, Mrs. Rosa Exterior Thu 04/12/18 Mon 04/23/18 Fredy Martinez Victor Tirondola
Nichols, Mr. Jim Exterior Mon 06/18/18 Wed 06/27/18 Francisco Gonzalez Victor Tirondola
Patterson, Mrs. Amy Exterior Wed 04/18/18 Thu 04/19/18 Ismael Cruz Victor Tirondola
Patterson, Mrs. Amy Carpentry Fri 04/20/18 Tue 04/24/18 Ismael Cruz Victor Tirondola
Reilly, Mr. Daniel Exterior Fri 04/27/18 Fri 04/27/18 Neri Garcia Victor Tirondola
Schreiber, Mrs. Fleta Interior Mon 04/30/18 Wed 05/02/18 Neri Garcia Victor Tirondola
Swansiger, Mr. Brian Carpentry Mon 04/16/18 Mon 04/16/18 Ismael Cruz Victor Tirondola
Swansiger, Mr. Brian Exterior Tue 04/17/18 Tue 04/17/18 Ismael Cruz Victor Tirondola
Todd, Mrs. Diana Carpentry Tue 04/24/18 Tue 04/24/18 Fredy Martinez Victor Tirondola
Todd, Mrs. Diana Exterior Wed 04/25/18 Fri 04/27/18 Fredy Martinez Victor Tirondola
Toth, Mrs. Gail Exterior Fri 04/13/18 Wed 04/18/18 Alfredo Ortiz Victor Tirondola
Tucker, Mr. Stanley Exterior Tue 05/22/18 Wed 05/23/18 Francisco Gonzalez Victor Tirondola
Wessels, Mr. Jim Exterior Thu 04/12/18 Fri 04/13/18 Ismael Cruz Victor Tirondola
Wise, Mr. Richard Interior Tue 05/15/18 Fri 05/18/18 Neri Garcia Victor Tirondola
Woodfort, Mr. Paul Interior Mon 05/07/18 Tue 05/08/18 Alfredo Ortiz Victor Tirondola