How long should my exterior paint job last?

Everyone knows the phrase, “Nothing lasts forever.” Styles change, colors fade, technology becomes obsolete, and things wear out.  This being the nature of our lives, we are used to evaluating our purchases with the question, “How long will this last?”  Paint jobs are no exception in this, and homeowners ask this question as they get ready to invest in a new season of beauty and protection for the exterior of their homes.

Here in northern Virginia and suburban Maryland, the average home needs to be repainted every 4.9 years.  This can vary based on many factors, and a skilled do-it-yourselfer or painting contractor can extend this life-expectancy in several ways.

Older homes that have been previously painted with oil-based paints will experience paint failure more rapidly, necessitating repainting every 3 to 4 years.  Some other factors outside a homeowners control can reduce your paint life, including ultraviolet radiation from the sun and temperature fluctuation.

The quality of previous paint jobs also has a significant impact on the longevity of all subsequent painting.  If a prior paint application was done improperly and develops adhesion problems, this old paint layer will continue to fail after it has been recoated, causing the new surface coats to crack, flake, and peel off with it.  For this reason it is important not to be tempted by unrealistically low bargain prices from house painters, whose shoddy work can cause long-term headaches and expense.

Whether you paint your home yourself or hire a paint contractor, insist on proper surface preparation and high-quality materials to make your investment last as long as possible.  This pre-painting work includes scraping, sanding, filling, caulking and priming, all of which are essential to preserving the beauty and soundness of your home exterior.  Once properly prepared, apply a premium latex or acrylic paint to siding and trim, or use an oil-based paint on metalwork like iron railings.

Here in the greater DC Metropolitan area we have all of the conditions that can cause paint failure: cold and ice in winter, hot humidity in summer, lots of sunshine and plenty of rain.  Manor Works Painting has long experience in this region, however, and we know how to make a paint job last.  We stand behind all of our projects with a 2-year warranty, which can be upgraded to 3 or even 4 years.  Our paint jobs typically last well beyond this however: the average life expectancy for a Manor Works paint job is 7.3 years!  Call us to schedule a free estimate or an expert color consultation.

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