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Jim & Lisa Reginaldi had a beautiful home built with many elegant features. In addition to volumes of custom molding, the builder installed in nearly every room crown molding with a piece of ogee molding installed three inches below the bottom of the crown. Even though the home was painted an uninspired builder white, the creative use of molding became a feature the new homeowners wanted to embellish.

After a Manor Works color consultation, the Reginaldi’s selected a simple, yet striking, combination of two gold colors paired with a colonial-style burgundy. The lighter gold was applied as the primary color in the Foyer and Hallway. Below the chair rail the darker gold was applied allowing the picture frame molding to be more pronounced.

In the Dining Room, the same darker gold was applied below the chair rail. The burgundy color was applied above the chair rail. To make the room more formal, Manor Works applied a six-inch shadow stripe in a vertical orientation. Shadow Striping is a faux finish technique where alternating stripes of gloss and low-luster stripes are applied to give the wall the appearance of a subtle texture.

In an interesting twist, Manor Works applied the same burgundy on the wall below the crown and above the ogee molding in several rooms including the Foyer. This stripe created a unique sense of motion, but also helped tie the space together by emphasizing the same palette of colors across multiple rooms.

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