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By all accounts, Victoria Krahulec’s home was stunning. The builder had installed a considerable amount of custom molding and architectural details. But like most builders, he had painted the entire home a standard off-white color. Much of the high-end moldings were lost in a sea of vanilla. Mrs. Krahulec knew she wanted a change, but was unsure how to obtain the designer look she dreamed of.

As a multiple client, Mrs. Krahulec was aware that Manor Works offered complimentary Color Consultations. After living in her home for a while, she contracted to have the entire home repainted.

Manor Works met with Mrs. Krahulec at her home, and guided her through the selection process. Pulling from furniture and décor she already owned, as well as her natural attraction to inorganic colors, Manor Works was able to compile a cohesive palette.

For the main Foyer and Family Rooms, a gold-based, yellow-oxide color was selected. Note how prominent the moldings became once the color was applied.

For the Living/Dining Areas a rich, contemporary brown was chosen. This type of brown was a natural pairing with the golden hues of the adjacent Foyer. It also served to balance the fabrics already selected.

A sage green was selected for the Kitchen/Breakfast Area. The gray underpinnings of the sage complemented the brown tones in the adjacent Dining Room, and served as a nice transition color for the bordering the yellow-oxide.

In the Master Bedroom, a khaki-style tan was selected as the base wall color. This hue was inspired by the bed linens. Around the palladium window a robust burgundy was placed on the natural angles of the walls. Notice how the eye is immediately drawn to the view the window affords.

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