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Tammy Goldberg built an impressive custom home. The builder installed several architectural details including a coffered ceiling and multi-part crown molding. Unfortunately, as with most builders, everything in the house was painted a dull builder’s white. Mrs. Goldberg wanted to liven up her home with custom colors.

After receiving a Manor Works color consultation, Mrs. Goldberg selected a bold pattern of inorganic colors inspired by a Southwest palette. For her primary color, a yellow-oxide based gold was selected for the Foyer and Family Room. This color became the building block to tie the various rooms together. For the coffered ceiling in the Family Room, a color one shade darker than the primary color was applied.

In the Dining Room, a color inspired by clay was applied over the chair rail giving the room a warm feel. By using a red-oxide based color instead of a wine style burgundy, the room achieved a modern look with the Southwest feel the homeowner desired.

In the Kitchen, an inorganic orange was chosen to enhance the natural color found in the cabinets. In the adjacent Sitting Room a modern sage was used as a complimentary color to balance out the boldness of the burnt orange color.

In the Billiard Room, a rich green gave the room an elegant look. The end was result was a beautiful home where a bold use of complimentary colors gave a cohesive look to the space.

bronzetone 2166-30 by benjamin moore was applied to the walls in the kitchen
in the family room, 2153-40 cork was applied to the walls and 2153-30 tapestry gold was applied to the coffered ceiling
in the sunroom, livingston gold hc-16 was applied to the walls
the color for the ceiling was one shad darker than the wall color
the burnt orange in the kitchen was paired with a historic gold in the sunroom
walls were painted mexicana 2172-30 by benjamin moore

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