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Tracy Fabian had lived in her newly constructed home for a few years before deciding she wanted a new color scheme. Like many homeowners, she knew she wanted to get rid of the builders white, but was not sure the exact shades and tones that would work with her furnishings. She knew she was attracted to rich, earth-tone colors, but was unsure how dark of a hue she needed, or how many colors her space could sustain.

Manor Works provided a complimentary color consultation where four colors were selected. Manor Works mailed her large samples of her selection, and once confirmed, proceeded to paint the majority of the first floor.

For her primary or base color, Mrs. Fabian selected a rich, inorganic brown that had a golden yellow tone (BM 2161-30 Dark Mustard). This color was used in the main Living and Family Rooms.

To accent several architectural features and nooks, a lighter shade of the same primary color (BM 2161-40 Roasted Sesame Seed) was selected. Notice how certain walls in the Stairwell are a lighter shade.

In the Kitchen, a Red Oxide color (BM 2172-30 Mexicana) was chosen to highlight the tile and cabinets. Combined with the inorganic primary color, the result was quite impressive.

Finally, for her Office, a Sage style color (BM 2142-30 Mountain Moss) was applied.

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