Would a coffered ceiling look good in my room?

What is it that sets apart a beautiful home from an exquisite home?  Attention to detail.  Many homeowners seeking an extra touch of sophistication are turning their gazes upwards, taking flat, white ceilings and turning them into eye-catching show-pieces.  One of the most refined and stylish options for a spectacular effect is the coffered ceiling.

A coffered ceiling is a grid of squares or rectangles that is applied to the ceiling to imitate the effect of crisscrossing beams.  This creates the illusion of a lower ceiling with higher recessed squares or rectangles.  Crown molding is then applied to the inside of each of these recesses to create a richly elegant appearance.

Because the grid must hang down 8 to 12 inches from the ceiling, a room must be at least 9 feet tall to be a good candidate—they can be truly stunning in a room 10 or more feet in height. In addition, a room really should be square or rectangular for the effect of a coffered ceiling to feel symmetrical and appropriate.

A vital consideration when installing a coffered ceiling is the placement of lighting.  Any overhead fixtures must be installed in the center of a recessed area.  If a room has multiple lights, it is important to have them placed in an evenly-spaced manner.

A final advantage to a coffered ceiling is that it creates a new, intricate canvas for applying colors to a ceiling.  Painting the recessed ceiling surface a different color from the faux-beams will produce a feeling of depth and interest that is eye-catching and memorable.

While many beautiful home improvements can be achieved by a homeowner, a coffered ceiling is not the project for the typical do-it-yourselfer.  The level of accuracy and attention to detail that the project requires is difficult to attain except by someone with extensive carpentry experience.  Manor Works has installed many coffered ceilings and other attractive architectural details in fine homes throughout the DC area.  We are a quality painting contractor with extensive skill and experience in trim, molding, paneling, and ceilings.  See our testimonials to find out why we are the Washington DC area painting contractor of choice!

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